ChaYkra is a yoga active and lounge wear brand, combining comfort and style whilst paying homage to yoga’s Indian roots. ChaYkra reflects ‘Brindian’ identity, infusing classic British elegance with Indian vibrancy and colour. The brand name is in honour of the sanskrit word 'chakra' which relates to the spinning wheels of energy within the body. The seven letters reflect the seven chakras of the body. The additional 'Y' is to balance out the word, a dual symbol for both 'yoga' and 'you'. Yoga balances chakra energy flows and gives valuable time for self-reflection. The brand focuses on fair trade production and sourcing. 

To further emphasis the Indian heritage and sustainability approach of chaYkra, storytelling approach through lifestyle flat lays have been produced to support the messaging on social media.


  • Creative direction

  • Art direction

  • Photography