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Visual Content Package Day

Are you grappling with the intricacies of content creation for your brand? We have the perfect solution for you – welcome to our Visual Content Package Day! 

Our February session is on the horizon, and we're offering this exclusive opportunity to just five brands!

Step into the World of Visual Brilliance!

Immerse yourself in a day designed exclusively for crafting captivating visuals that elevate your brand to new heights. Our dynamic duo of seasoned content creators is ready to curate a stunning collection of images and short-format videos, ensuring your brand shines in a beautifully aesthetic environment.


Whether you envision your product in a sleek minimalistic setting or crave the vibrancy of a model showcasing its brilliance, our Visual Content Package Day is tailored to transform your brand vision into visual reality.


Say goodbye to planning struggles and hello to a day dedicated to capturing the essence of your brand in style! A perfect way to get your content ready to start your social media campaigns and marketing.


What you will get?

Investment: £650

20x product lifestyle images

A single day of dedicated content creation, yielding a treasure trove of 20x product lifestyle images! We are storytellers, and we will craft narratives around your brand. Each shot is a carefully orchestrated symphony of aesthetics, lighting, and ambience, ensuring your product shines in diverse lifestyle settings.

Aesthetic space to create

You don't have to worry about the space! A dedicated sanctuary adorned with stylish elements and ambient lighting, all curated to provide the perfect backdrop for your brand products on our Visual Content Package Day. Our aesthetic studio is more than a space; it's an immersive experience where every corner is a canvas waiting to frame your brand in elegance.

5x short format videos

Gifting you not just images but a cinematic experience through 5x short format videos! We don't only capture still moments, but we will capture narratives that breathe life into your brand. From engaging product features to showcasing the product in use. Each video is carefully choreographed to resonate with your audience and brand.

Dedicated model

A dedicated model is available to showcase your products with grace and style, adding a touch of sophistication and dynamism to your visual narrative. Our expert model is not just a subject; they're a visual storyteller, seamlessly integrating your brand into their artistry. 

How will it work?

Fragile Pampas



Once you have booked your spot, we will share with you a questionnaire for you to fill in so we can understand more about your brand values and vision. We will set up a call to discuss further and plan accordingly. We will put together a moodboard so we can align ourselves with the vision. 


Shoot day

Once the ideation phase is completed, you will ship your products to us ahead of the shoot day. You can now rest and await for your final deliverables to be shared with you 10 days after the shoot date. Once we have completed the photoshoot and content creation, we will ship back your products.



Your final package of photos and videos will be shared with you 10 working days after the shoot day. And now it is up to you how you will use your content to plan your social and marketing activities.

The Space

Our Team

Meet our team dedicated to your brand for a day. 

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Limited Time Offer for first 5 brands only






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