RB ORganics

RB Organics is a brand with eco-luxurious products featuring pure organic ingredients produced with love for the planet and the people. Their ELIXIR D'ARGAN 100% Pure + Organic Moroccan Argan oil is a head-to-toe treatment. 

TP Studio helped them to plan and publish a consistent stream of high-quality content, including hashtag research, competitor research and caption writing. Above them all, we also gathered insights from social listening to tailor their content that's a perfect fit for their followers.

Their content is not only to push their products and branding to their customers, but to establish themselves as a wellness brand who helps conscious people take care of their body, skin and hair without chemicals or toxins. In one year we have helped them to grow over 2K of eco-conscious followers.


  • Content creation

  • Creative direction

  • Social media management

  • Content planning